Program Management

Eagle Composites Program Management

Eagle Composites engineering teams work with customers to bring specialized technical support and engineering resources to each program. Our engineers provide front end program support at the design for manufacturability (DFM) phase ensuring compatibility between quality requirements, materials, geometry and manufacturing process constituents. Our engineering and program management teams make extensive use of Business Process Automation (BPA) and Manufacturing Process Automation (MPA) methodologies to further ensure both technical and commercial success of every program.


Process Planning

Project Management:

Risk Analysis and Action Plan
NPI Management
Capacity Analysis

Quality Planning:

Inspection Planning

Supply Chain:

Supplier Management
Inventory Management
Strategic Sourcing Activities

Manufacturing Planning:

Process Engineering
Process Capability & Control Plan
VA / VE Activities

Advanced Composite Manufacturing Capabilities

Eagle Composites has the capability to produce a wide variety of high performance composite components and assemblies.

Resin Transfer Molding

Resin Transfer Molding

Autoclave Processing Capabilities

Autoclave Processing

Compression Molding

Compression Molding

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Secondary Processing

Secondary Processing

Quality Processes & Qualification

Quality & Certifications